vicuña 4.0 stole
vicuña 4.0 stole

vicuña 4.0 stole

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The stole is an authentic expression of luxury, made of pure Vicuña: the fibre of the gods, the finest and most precious in the world. This textile jewel is intended for connoisseurs, embodying timeless sophisticated elegance. To the touch, it reveals an unmistakable and inimitable feel, confirming its undisputed uniqueness.


The Vicuña is the smallest specimen of the camelid family. It lives in the wild in the Andes Mountains in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Considered in ancient times a gift from Inti, the benevolent god of the sun, capable of melting snow and transforming it into torrents with which to fertilise the land, the Vicuña embodied divine thanksgiving in return for gifts received from the Inca people. The Vicuña has the finest fibre that can be spun: only 12/13 microns in average diameter. The adult animal can only produce 250 g of raw material every two years. Its fleece is the softest, brightest and warmest in the world. Lanificio Colombo transforms this wonderful fibre into garments of excellence.


The Vicuña stole is true, timeless luxury, a textile accessory that is the fruit of Colombo's art of making, destined to be treasured for life and handed down from generation to generation.


Composition: 100% Vicuña
natural colour
Size: 70x200 cm
Made in Italy


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