Lanificio Luigi Colombo is the world’s largest producer of cashmere and noble fibres fabrics.

Transforming cashmere, kid cashmere, yangir, kid wool, guanaco, vicuña and camelhair in products expressing the family's passion for noble fibres.

Interpreting the spirit of our times through the culture of quality.


"There are words that are used day after day so excessively and often without thought that their true meaning becomes diluted. Words such as luxury and quality are often accompanied by adjectives that end up giving a completely different meaning. For example “accessible luxury” is used to ennoble products that are simply well-manufactured. In order to recover this sense of expression that should be handled with care, it is enough to meet the Colombo family.  An ideal of perfection requires a strong will. It is the subtle balance arising from contrasts – speed/slowness, modernity/tradition – the mark of this special style that turns the luxury of cashmere, guanaco and vicuña into an experience of personal pleasure, without a hint of ostentation. These processes could be described as “moral” because Colombo adheres to the most ethical principles with respect for both nature and man. Above all, this means maintaining the principle of respect and the code of conduct that Luigi left as his legacy for future generations. It was 1938 and Luigi was eleven years old when his father Roberto, seriously ill, gave him this moral will that the grandsons still follow. Also this happens in a land of Calvinist strictness, where work is the value that affects life and behaviour and where people put their heart in their job."

Giusy Ferrè

Fashion Editor


Lanificio Luigi Colombo was named after its founder. A highly charismatic artist and explorer, from the very beginning he focused his attention on the niche sector of precious fibres.

The 1970's brought the second generation into the company. Having laid the foundations of a solid entrepreneurial capacity, the generational shift was the turning point towards the company’s success at international level.

Important and continuous investments in technology and R&D, in support of a labour force rich in precious craftsmanship, have been the guidelines of the company's development.


Lanificio Colombo, always attentive to comply with ethical codes in order to protect the environment, the animals and the native populations, pursues its eco-friendly business growth strategy. New important goals have already been achieved by completing the "BE GREEN" sustainability project.

The moral will that Luigi Colombo, founder of the company, has handed down to his son Roberto is still valid today, respecting the teachings of those who preceded us in order to pass them on to the future generations.


The whole production is carried out in the two Italian historic plants, Borgosesia and Ghemme: from the exacting selection of fibres to their transformation into yarns, then fabric and further manufacture into garments. The verticalization of the processes is the characteristic of the production chain to ensure the highest quality. For the fabric production alone, there are 94 production cycles with 18 intermediate controls. Through this mission Lanificio Colombo has become a protagonist in the world panorama of noble fibres products. The company is proud to list among its clients the most prestigious names of the international fashion world.


In 1995, Lanificio Luigi Colombo SPA was awarded by the European Union as the company that had grown the most in the previous five years and for the average age, the lowest in Europe. Lanificio Luigi Colombo was included as the only textile business in the Europe 500.

In 1997, Roberto was awarded “The Best European Entrepreneur of Medium-Sized Enterprises" as a result of the growth and of the work carried out by all the employees.

In 1999 Roberto Colombo received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in the Research and Development category.

In 2012 in Shanghai, on occasion of Messe Frankfurt, the organizational authority of Intertextile exhibition, awarded a special prize to Lanificio Luigi Colombo having been one of the pioneers of the event.

In 2013, the Jury of Première Vision Awards, selected one fabric made by Lanificio Colombo as "the best and most innovative in the world".

In 2016, Roberto Colombo was honoured with the prestigious title of Cavaliere del Lavoro by the President of the Italian Republic.

In 2019, Lanificio Colombo was the winner of the prestigious Gran Jury Prize at the Premiere Vision Awards. The winning fabric was rated the most innovative, with the highest technological content enhancing the characteristics of modernity and absolute luxury.


The true values, deeply rooted and passed on, are the foundations of the Colombo culture.

A knowledge that becomes inimitable expertise, a way of living that goes beyond business and goes back again to reveal the Colombo values.

The testimony of people who love noble fibres. Their passion, their lifestyle. Values become culture and culture becomes quality.